Bingo Super


Get ready for Bingo Super, the ultimate multi-player network bingo game. This fast moving adventure has multi-levels, tons of fun goodies to achieve collect and surprise power plays. Come and see what the next generation of Bingo fun looks like! The game supports inApp purchases for buying Gems, other cute game items like coins, keys and Bingo Tickets. You can also purchase treats you want using gems and coins you win. The fun never stops!
You can kick things off by getting free coins just by watching a short video. Tap on flashing coin icons to view video and win!
And if that wasn't enough, Bingo Super gives daily bonus tickets and free to play time. If you want more tickets just buy gems and use them to get what you want. This game can be played with up to 8 tickets simultaneously.

Bingo Super features:
  • Daily bonus tickets
  • Play up to 8 tickets simultaneously
  • Multi player game
  • Multiple game levels
  • Multiple game themes ( Bingo City, Bingo Party, Bingo Beach, Bingo Soccer, Bingo Halloween, Bingo Airport and Bingo Christmas)
  • Achievements are unlocked at different targets
  • Game boosters, a booster is used to mark ticket cell selected
  • Collect treasure chests and get surprises and excitement while open the treasure chest
  • Theme level collection of various virtual items
  • InApp Purchases: The game support inApp purchases for buying Gems

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