Tidda Games Privacy Policy

Tidda Games care about user's privacy and does not share your personal data with other companies except advertising partners who may collect and process personal data for the purpose of personalizing your ad experinece, some of game features like Score Leaderboard, score backup and restore, sending feedback, posting game tips; needs user registration, this information is optional and is up to user to enter it to use those features. Tidda games may send email about new game releases, updates. The emails can be stopped by reply message with subject line “Remove my email id”.

Android permissions

Following Android permissions are used by advertising networks

InApp purchases

The information entered while inApp purchases are totally controlled by app store policies; app store can use it for tracking, billing, logging and for use in future.

Facebook page

The game has link to Facebook page and it is up to user to like the page for getting updates, user can unlike to stop updates.

Game instant messaging

Few games are having instant messaing with other players, which can be enabled/ disabled through game settings.

Personalized ad experience

Following advertising network may collect and process your personal data for personalized ad experience.
For any query write us at support@tiddagames.com